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Whatever we do as human beings we do in our bodies. The sum total of our history lives in our body. We are predisposed to act out of the conditioning of this history. Wherever we are, our bodies and our history are present. This is so obvious and simple we overlook it. The human mind is an integral part of the body, but it is only one part: a part of the nervous system housed in our bodies. Learning can then be seen as changing our body’s capacity for taking new actions. When we take new actions, perform in new ways, or behave differently, we are demonstrating that we have learned something new. The converse is true: if we don’t act in a new way we will be assessed as not learning.

Somatic coaching allows us to attend to our own shaping, in other words to how our history has shaped our belief system, our behaviour and our conditionings. It then invites us to explore and embody a new shape, one that does not act from our history, does not react automatically, but rather moves from a place of choice and is able to take new actions that are aligned with our values and vision even under pressure.

I have been working with individuals, teams and organisations for over a decade and apply the principles of Somatic Coaching to generate positive, life affirming transformation that becomes embodied.

I offer one to one coaching or group coaching, either in person or remotely through Zoom. 

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