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Senior Executive Intensive Program

I work primarily with senior executives who find themselves in a critical intersection to help them find their compass and turn their challenges into opportunities.

6 Module S.E.I. Program

Module 1: Awareness: Learn how to live in more consistent and deliberate state of awareness. Begin to track energy.

Module 2: Alignment: Learn what you stand for and how to align your actions to your values and vision.

Module 3: Expansion: Learn how to generate your future through a powerful declaration and take action to fullfill it. 

Module 4: Opening: Recognise what might be holding you back, what you need to let go of and what to invite.

Module 5: Connecting: Learn how to increase connection, trust, authenticity and use conflict as a generative force.

Module 6: Integration: Continue Integrating all you have learned, implementing new skills and keep practicing.

The Methodology

The Senior Executive Intensive program is a transformational journey that will allow you to build self awareness, clarity and empowerment.  The immersive nature of the program accelerates the process of awakening and transformation and is ideal for those who need to take important life decisions, kick start a new phase of their life and feel confused or somewhat stuck.
       The approach is based on Somatic Coaching which looks at transformation through the lens of the body. It is by understanding what lives in our soma that we become aware of our current behavioral patterns and belief system and have access to new possibilities and actions.
      SEI is an intensive program that lasts 3 months. This is a unique experience where you will be in connection with the self and what transcends the self. A sacred journey and exploration of what makes us deeply human, how to build purpose and connect to spirit.


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