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Coming Back To Center is a series of personal development workshops that aim at reconnecting us to the sense of purpose, direction, meaning and aliveness that might evade us at certain intersections in our life. It is an exploration of what it means to navigate complexity, face challenges, take decisions and action from center, that place where we are present, open and connected and where we feel aligned to our values and vision.

How it started

In many ways I believe that I was drawn to co-create this program, out of my longing to find my own center during the most challenging time of my life. It was a time where all my certainties were lost, my sense of safety, belonging and dignity were shattered and I had to learn how to stay afloat in rough and deep waters. While these deep waters were threatening my own sense of identity, they were also treasuring life changing discoveries, masterful teachers, passionate and skilful allies who kept pointing me in the direction of aliveness, a place that holds abundant resources, resilience, intuition and trust. The result was the birth in 2012 of Coming Back To Centre which turned out to be a program, a place and a community for the cultivation of the self.

The Methodology

Coming Back To Center’s methodology integrates three key components: Somatic Coaching, Expressive Arts and Horses. Each of these components lends itself to the other, creating a thread that connects the dots, allowing deep openings to occur and generating powerful discoveries, insights and new possibilities. The common ground, the language that belongs to each of the elements that unfold during the program, is the one of the soma which becomes available through mindfulness practices, creative processes and a deep connection with mother nature. 


Please visit the official website if you wish to know more about Coming Back To Center and register to our next workshops.


Upcoming Workshops

CBTC- Harvesting the fruits of our dreams

September 24-28, 2021. Tuscany - Italy 

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