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Webiners from the Strozzi Institute - Community Dojo

Why is it So Hard to Practice Regularly? - 4

During this session, Giulio Brunini will lead an exploration into the patterns that keep us from practicing regularly. He will teach us ways that we can open up new perspectives to re-energize us and put us back in action.

After your time with Giulio, you will feel more confident and equipped in your journey towards embodiment, even when your schedule feels restricted.

How to Know What to Practice - 3

During this session, Giulio Brunini will explore which practices will truly serve your purpose, support your growth, and help you become a more powerful leader.

He will offer useful distinctions on how to design your somatic practices based on what it is that you want to cultivate. He will explore which practices will help support your growth and grow into the person you want to become.

Embodying Your Purpose - 2

In this session, Giulio Brunini guides us through practices that will help to develop personal and organizational commitments to make a lasting impact on your life, your work, and the world at large.

He challenges us to answer the question: how do we create meaningful and impactful commitments that live out our values, especially during times of struggle or unreset?

The Power of Practice - 1

In this session, Giulio will guide us to understand the relevance of practice in the context of embodied transformation. We will explore the principles of embodied practices and how they represent a foundation from which we can transform and grow.

During the session we will also be in practice together as we experience how to center in stillness and in action.

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