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Dojo Bianco is a healing hotel, arguably the smallest healing hotel in the world. It is situated in the heart of Tuscany, immersed in 30 hectares of organic land, amongst rolling hills, olive yards, vineyards and ancient artistic villages. It is more than a holiday destination, it is a place of awakening, where our guests come to slow down, reconnect with the rhythm of nature and find themselves.

How it started

Dojo Bianco is the fruit of a common dream, my wife’s and my own desire to have a place that could be the physical representation of our values and vision. A place where we could offer our competencies as body-mind therapists and coaches, where we would ourselves stay connected to nature and be in the practice of reciprocity, finding a better balance between giving and receiving while cultivating interdependence and gratitude. 

We imagined a small hotel with four rooms only, in order to be able to have a few guests at a time, possibly creating a connection with every person who comes to visit, a dialogue that could lead to a more intimate experience, far from conventional tourism.

In 2015 Dojo Bianco was born, tucked away in a beautiful corner of the world, where you are welcome to come, during the summer months, to experience first hand what we have to offer.


DBI stands for Dojo Bianco Immersion and it offers the opportunity to experience a two or three day personalised experience where we are dedicated to your personal growth through coaching and healing. The program is designed for a maximum of 4 people and can also be designed for one person only. Through a combination of mindful processes, somatic practices, healing and coaching sessions and the use of horses in the Dojo Bianco’s Arena, one has the unique opportunity to dive deep into a journey of self reflection, unearth powerful insights and learn practices that can accelerate critical decision making and unbundle stuck or frozen energy blocks. 

The program is ideal for family members (parents with daughters or sons) or couples who are looking at building awareness, managing challenges and move to a more fulfilling and rewarding relationship. 

For more information and to register please visit our dedicated page on Dojo Bianco’s website.

Virtual DBI

During this COVID time, as the chances to travel and have “in person” programs is limited, we have designed a virtual DBI program which consists in 6 zoom sessions that last 2 hours each to be held once a week. The program is held jointly by my wife and I as we integrate our competencies of somatic coaching and mind-body therapy. 

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