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Master Somatic Coach 

Hi I’m Giulio, I’m a Master Somatic Coach, an organic farmer, a husband and a father of two delightful daughters. I have always had a calling for the power of land and the curiosity of how nature can inform us, be our teacher and guide. My commitment is to contribute to the development of human kind, helping restore the texture of humanity through the transformative power of somatics. It is my belief that as we start attending to the wisdom of the body, we tap into its inherent capacity to heal, its resilience and plentiful resources.

Guided by these principles, twelve years ago I decided to step out of the corporate world and step into a new path that would lead me to become a somatic coach and launch a personal development program called Coming Back To Center that would touch hundreds of people. A few years later together with my wife Ceren, we started Dojo Bianco a small healing hotel in the heart of Tuscany, a place of awakening for people who want to reconnect with nature, life and their own sense of purpose. 


How I Work

Tropical Leaves

Coming Back To Center

Workshop Series

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Tropical Leaves

Dojo Bianco Healing Hotel

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Tropical Leaves

Somatic Coaching

Tropical Leaves

Senior Executive Program

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